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As a CATV fiber optical equipments manufacturer, we demonstrate our professional in the past 15 years. We insist on R&D therefore our products keep developing to high performance and high stability. We succeed in various projects of CATV optical transmission, because of our good quality products, professional solutions and excellent after-sale service. We has become the big supplier to many provinces in China, our annual sales is about RMB80 million totally in 2012.
Nowadays, the wave of triple-play network is advancing rapidly in china, it push domestic CATV equipments manufacturers to developing faster. For sustainable development of our company, we established our English brand - RAY in 2010 and started to export products by ourselves to all over the world, to catch up more international trends.
Our company's main equipments include 1550nm externally modulated optical transmitter, 1550nm internally modulated optical transmitter, 1310nm optical transmitter, 1550nm optical amplifier (EDFA), optical receiver, optical node, cable amplifier, and other optical accessories. Products have application in CATV FTTH, FTTB, HFC, RFOG network.
We will go on upholding the principal that providing higher quality products and perfect service to all the customers, Lets make great efforts for the CATV glorious future together!
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45~862MHz Four Outputs BI-DI AGC Optical Node
1.Bi-direction transmission
2.Input power range -9~+2dBm
3.Four outputs, output level 105dBuV
4.Return path transmitter power 1~4mW
5.Forward receiver power shows by LED directly
45~862MHz 2*105dBuV FTTB Optical Receiver
1.Input optical power -7dBm~+2dBm
2.Two outputs. each output level 105dBuV
3.Use GaAs MMIC amplification module
4.Power supply module build-in
5.Economically type without AGC
45~862MHz 60*35*18mm Shell Micro FTTH Optical Receiver
1.Use for FTTH network
2.Input power range -10~+3dBm
3.Output level 75~80dBuV
4.Build-in AGC function
5.Very low power consumption <2.0W 
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